am I the only one that thinks posing in front of tombstones or trying to be “sexy” in a place of solitude and respect is phenomenally disrespectful or am I overreacting? Respect those that have passed. That tomb you’re trying to pose on? Chances are it means a lot to a person, or to the family. Although the body is a vessel, a place holding memorials should be an area of peace and quiet, a place you respect. You are a guest. Treat their place of rest as if you are a visitor in someone else’s home. So many people are fascinated with the paranormal yet they cannot even respect a soul’s final resting place? disgusts me. I understand utilizing scenery that alludes to “graves” in order to convey an emotion, but when it occurs in an actual sacred place of worship/spirituality, is where I think people need to draw the line.  

Art is to console those who are broken by life.
- Vincent van Gogh (via tocya)

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and then he could not see her come into a room without a sense of the flowing of robes, of the flowering of blossoms, of the purple waves of the sea, of all things that are lovely and mutable on the surface but still and passionate in their heart.

Star Quotes
— Virginia Woolf (Night and Day)

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From Darkness to Light (by DBPhotographe)